Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Its been awhile since i have just added funny / interesting pictures

Saturday, December 13, 2008

What im listening to

So i felt another post was in order but i dont really have much to share. I figured I would share what I-tunes has told me are the ten most played songs the last week. It would be interesting if for people to post theirs as well.

1.Reckoner by Radiohead
2.Flight 180 by Bishop Allen
3.Piano remake of I don't love you by my chemical romance
4. Konstantine by Something Corporate
5.Oh Holy Night by Celine Dion
6. The Kingdom hearts piano melody
7. Radio / Video by System of a down
8. Portuguese theme from Love Actually
9. Piano Man by Billy Joel
10. With or Without you by U2

I was surprised i have such a mix of different generes and sounds.

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Funny final

So i had my first final today. It was beast and im glad its over. However, one part of the final was hillarious and i thought i would share i with you.

There was this guy who uses an oxygen tank to get air to his lungs. Anyway a long story short he gets made at some smokers and pulls out a cell phone to call the cops. The phone knocks off the tube going into his nose; the oxygen then ignites upon the cigarrettes creating an explosion. The guy gets propelled into a tree and then one of the smoker's dog runs over and pees on his head.

I'm sad to say that i doubt my next 3 finals will be as entertaining.

Monday, December 8, 2008

Law school's way of saying you're screwed

"Always remember that you are of inestimable worth; that you are sons and daughters of God; that our Heavenly Father has upheld you and guided you from before the foundation of the world and all of your lives; that He has brought you to BYU Law School for an eternal purpose; that He will not forsake you; and that He will bless you to fulfill the divine role for which you were born, regardless of the results of final grades."

I'm sure the school was well-intentioned but this email message they sent out but surely made people more stressed than they already were. Pretty much, the law school is saying that we are going to get bad grades. Anyway, Im hanging in there and am still loving law school. Finals start wednesday; wish me luck!

Friday, December 5, 2008

These pictures of Elder Joseph Wirthlin were in the BYU Newspaper the other day.  I thought they were really cool.  I thought i would share them with you all.  He was an inspiring man, and he will be greatly missed.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

McDonalds Coffee Case

So we are learning about product liability in one of my classes right now and for fun our teacher asked us to read this article. You probably all remember the incident where the old woman spilled coffee on her self and sued McDonalds for 2.9 million (and won!) Well here is an article describing the facts of the case, and why it isn't as rediculous as it sounds.

If your too lazy to read it all here are some main points
*The burn was really serious. The old lady spent 7 days in the hospital and had to have all sorts of skin grafts. The medical bills and associated damages cost her almost $200,000.00

*McDonald's was aware that the coffee was capable of such serious burns. They had previously settled with other customers who had burned themselves. Nonetheless they chose not to put any sort of warning on the coffee and no other protection from burns.

*While at trial McDonald's stated that it had no intention of changing how they make coffee. Stating that there are more serious dangers involved in restraunts and the burns of an lady are insignificant compared to the millions of dollars that McDonald's makes selling cofee.

*McDonald's repeatedly refused to settle and dragged the proceding out, they had a 7 day trial which mainly consisted of experts disagreeing about how hot coffee should be.

Here is the article

A Matter of Degree: How a Jury Decided That a Coffee Spill Is Worth $2.9 Million --- McDonald's Callousness Was Real Issue, Jurors Say, In Case of Burned Woman --- How Hot Do You Like It? By Andrea Gerlin. Wall Street Journal. (Eastern Edition). New York, N.Y.:Sep 1, 1994. p. A1
Abstract (Summary)
But McDonald's lawyers went on to dismiss several opportunities to settle out of court, apparently convinced that no jury would punish a company for serving coffee the way customers like it. After all, its coffee's temperature helps explain why McDonald's sells a billion cups a year.
McDonald's, known for its fastidious control over franchisees, requires that its coffee be prepared at very high temperatures, based on recommendations of coffee consultants and industry groups that say hot temperatures are necessary to fully extract the flavor during brewing. Before trial, McDonald's gave the opposing lawyer its operations and training manual, which says its coffee must be brewed at 195 to 205 degrees and held at 180 to 190 degrees for optimal taste. Since the verdict, McDonald's has declined to offer any comment, as have their attorneys. It is unclear if the company, whose coffee cups warn drinkers that the contents are hot, plans to change its preparation procedures.
Others call it a tempest in a coffeepot. A spokesman for the National Coffee Association says McDonald's coffee conforms to industry temperature standards. And a spokesman for Mr. Coffee Inc., the coffee-machine maker, says that if customer complaints are any indication, industry settings may be too low -- some customers like it hotter. A spokeswoman for Starbucks Coffee Co. adds, "Coffee is traditionally a hot beverage and is served hot and I would hope that this is an isolated incident."
Full Text (1916 words)
Copyright Dow Jones & Company Inc Sep 1, 1994
ALBUQUERQUE, N.M. -- When a law firm here found itself defending McDonald's Corp. in a suit last year that claimed the company served dangerously hot coffee, it hired a law student to take temperatures at other local restaurants for comparison.

After dutifully slipping a thermometer into steaming cups and mugs
all over the city, Danny Jarrett found that none came closer than about
20 degrees to the temperature at which McDonald's coffee is poured,
about 180 degrees.
It should have been a warning.

But McDonald's lawyers went on to dismiss several opportunities to settle out of court, apparently convinced that no jury would punish a company for serving coffee the way customers like it. After all, its coffee's temperature helps explain why McDonald's sells a billion cups a year.

But now -- days after a jury here awarded $2.9 million to an
81-year-old woman scalded by McDonald's coffee -- some observers say
the defense was naive. "I drink McDonald's coffee because it's hot, the
hottest coffee around," says Robert Gregg, a Dallas defense attorney
who consumes it during morning drives to the office. "But I've
predicted for years that someone's going to win a suit, because I've
spilled it on myself. And unlike the coffee I make at home, it's really
hot. I mean, man, it hurts."

McDonald's, known for its fastidious control over franchisees, requires that its coffee be prepared at very high temperatures, based on recommendations of coffee consultants and industry groups that say hot temperatures are necessary to fully extract the flavor during brewing. Before trial, McDonald's gave the opposing lawyer its operations and training manual, which says its coffee must be brewed at 195 to 205 degrees and held at 180 to 190 degrees for optimal taste. Since the verdict, McDonald's has declined to offer any comment, as have their attorneys. It is unclear if the company, whose coffee cups warn drinkers that the contents are hot, plans to change its preparation procedures.
Coffee temperature is suddenly a hot topic in the industry. The Specialty Coffee Association of America has put coffee safety on the agenda of its quarterly board meeting this month. And a spokesman for Dunkin' Donuts Inc., which sells about 500 million cups of coffee a year, says the company is looking at the verdict to see if it needs to make any changes to the way it makes coffee.
Others call it a tempest in a coffeepot. A spokesman for the National Coffee Association says McDonald's coffee conforms to industry temperature standards. And a spokesman for Mr. Coffee Inc., the coffee-machine maker, says that if customer complaints are any indication, industry settings may be too low -- some customers like it hotter. A spokeswoman for Starbucks Coffee Co. adds, "Coffee is traditionally a hot beverage and is served hot and I would hope that this is an isolated incident."
Coffee connoisseur William McAlpin, an importer and wholesaler in Bar Harbor, Maine, who owns a coffee plantation in Costa Rica, says 175 degrees is "probably the optimum temperature, because that's when aromatics are being released. Once the aromas get in your palate, that is a large part of what makes the coffee a pleasure to drink."
Public opinion is squarely on the side of McDonald's. Polls have shown a large majority of Americans -- including many who typically support the little guy -- to be outraged at the verdict. And radio talk-show hosts around the country have lambasted the plaintiff, her attorneys and the jurors on air. Declining to be interviewed for this story, one juror explained that he already had received angry calls from citizens around the country.
It's a reaction that many of the jurors could have understood -- before they heard the evidence. At the beginning of the trial, jury foreman Jerry Goens says he "wasn't convinced as to why I needed to be there to settle a coffee spill."
At that point, Mr. Goens and the other jurors knew only the basic facts: that two years earlier, Stella Liebeck had bought a 49-cent cup of coffee at the drive-in window of an Albuquerque McDonald's, and while removing the lid to add cream and sugar had spilled it, causing third-degree burns of the groin, inner thighs and buttocks. Her suit, filed in state court in Albuquerque, claimed the coffee was "defective" because it was so hot.
What the jury didn't realize initially was the severity of her burns. Told during the trial of Mrs. Liebeck's seven days in the hospital and of her skin grafts, and shown gruesome photographs, jurors began taking the matter more seriously. "It made me come home and tell my wife and daughters don't drink coffee in the car, at least not hot," says juror Jack Elliott.
Even more eye-opening was the revelation that McDonald's had seen such injuries many times before. Company documents showed that in the past decade McDonald's had received at least 700 reports of coffee burns ranging from mild to third degree, and had settled claims arising from scalding injuries for more than $500,000.
Some observers wonder why McDonald's, after years of settling coffee-burn cases, chose to take this one to trial. After all, the plaintiff was a sympathetic figure -- an articulate, 81-year-old former department store clerk who said under oath that she had never filed suit before. In fact, she said, she never would have filed this one if McDonald's hadn't dismissed her request for compensation for pain and medical bills with an offer of $800.
Then there was the matter of Mrs. Liebeck's attorney. While recuperating from her injuries in the Santa Fe home of her daughter, Mrs. Liebeck happened to meet a pair of Texas transplants familiar with a Houston attorney who had handled a 1986 hot-coffee lawsuit against McDonald's. His name was Reed Morgan, and ever since he had deeply believed that McDonald's coffee is too hot.
For that case, involving a Houston woman with third-degree burns, Mr. Morgan had the temperature of coffee taken at 18 restaurants such as Dairy Queen, Wendy's and Dunkin' Donuts, and at 20 McDonald's restaurants. McDonald's, his investigator found, accounted for nine of the 12 hottest readings. Also for that case, Mr. Morgan deposed Christopher Appleton, a McDonald's quality assurance manager, who said "he was aware of this risk . . . and had no plans to turn down the heat," according to Mr. Morgan. McDonald's settled that case for $27,500.
Now, plotting Mrs. Liebeck's case, Mr. Morgan planned to introduce photographs of his previous client's injuries and those of a California woman who suffered second- and third-degree burns after a McDonald's employee spilled hot coffee into her vehicle in 1990, a case that was settled out of court for $230,000.
Tracy McGee of Rodey, Dickason, Sloan, Akin & Robb, the lawyers for McDonald's, strenuously objected. "First-person accounts by sundry women whose nether regions have been scorched by McDonald's coffee might well be worthy of Oprah," she wrote in a motion to state court Judge Robert Scott. "But they have no place in a court of law." Judge Scott did not allow the photographs nor the women's testimony into evidence, but said Mr. Morgan could mention the cases.
As the trial date approached, McDonald's declined to settle. At one point, Mr. Morgan says he offered to drop the case for $300,000, and was willing to accept half that amount. But McDonald's didn't bite.
Only days before the trial, Judge Scott ordered both sides to attend a mediation session. The mediator, a retired judge, recommended that McDonald's settle for $225,000, saying a jury would be likely to award that amount. The company didn't follow his recommendation.
Instead, McDonald's continued denying any liability for Mrs. Liebeck's burns. The company suggested that she may have contributed to her injuries by holding the cup between her legs and not removing her clothing immediately. And it also argued that "Mrs. Liebeck's age may have caused her injuries to have been worse than they might have been in a younger individual," since older skin is thinner and more vulnerable to injury.
The trial lasted seven sometimes mind-numbing days. Experts dueled over the temperature at which coffee causes burns. A scientist testifying for McDonald's argued that any coffee hotter than 130 degrees could produce third-degree burns, so it didn't matter whether McDonald's coffee was hotter. But a doctor testifying on behalf of Mrs. Liebeck argued that lowering the serving temperature to about 160 degrees could make a big difference, because it takes less than three seconds to produce a third-degree burn at 190 degrees, about 12 to 15 seconds at 180 degrees and about 20 seconds at 160 degrees.
The testimony of Mr. Appleton, the McDonald's executive, didn't help the company, jurors said later. He testified that McDonald's knew its coffee sometimes caused serious burns, but hadn't consulted burn experts about it. He also testified that McDonald's had decided not to warn customers about the possibility of severe burns, even though most people wouldn't think it possible. Finally, he testified that McDonald's didn't intend to change any of its coffee policies or procedures, saying, "There are more serious dangers in restaurants."
Mr. Elliott, the juror, says he began to realize that the case was about "callous disregard for the safety of the people."
Next for the defense came P. Robert Knaff, a human-factors engineer who earned $15,000 in fees from the case and who, several jurors said later, didn't help McDonald's either. Dr. Knaff told the jury that hot-coffee burns were statistically insignificant when compared to the billion cups of coffee McDonald's sells annually.
To jurors, Dr. Knaff seemed to be saying that the graphic photos they had seen of Mrs. Liebeck's burns didn't matter because they were rare. "There was a person behind every number and I don't think the corporation was attaching enough importance to that," says juror Betty Farnham.
When the panel reached the jury room, it swiftly arrived at the conclusion that McDonald's was liable. "The facts were so overwhelmingly against the company," says Ms. Farnham. "They were not taking care of their consumers."
Then the six men and six women decided on compensatory damages of $200,000, which they reduced to $160,000 after determining that 20% of the fault belonged with Mrs. Liebeck for spilling the coffee.
The jury then found that McDonald's had engaged in willful, reckless, malicious or wanton conduct, the basis for punitive damages. Mr. Morgan had suggested penalizing McDonald's the equivalent of one to two days of companywide coffee sales, which he estimated at $1.35 million a day. During the four-hour deliberation, a few jurors unsuccessfully argued for as much as $9.6 million in punitive damages. But in the end, the jury settled on $2.7 million. McDonald's has since asked the judge for a new trial. Judge Scott has asked both sides to meet with a mediator to discuss settling the case before he rules on McDonald's request. The judge also has the authority to disregard the jury's finding or decrease the amount of damages.
One day after the verdict, a local reporter tested the coffee at the McDonald's that had served Mrs. Liebeck and found it to be a comparatively cool 158 degrees. But industry officials say they doubt that this signals any companywide change. After all, in a series of focus groups last year, customers who buy McDonald's coffee at least weekly say that "morning coffee has minimal taste requirements, but must be hot," to the point of steaming.
Credit: Staff Reporter of The Wall Street Journal

Saturday, November 29, 2008

Movie expectations

Movies are all about expectations. So i decided to share with you the five biggest surprises and the biggest dissapointments I have seen. This is obviously subjective, and i present these in no particular order.


5. Sequels:

Everyonce and a while a great triology such as LOTR or Bourne come along and give us just enough hope to think that sequels can be decent. Its time we learn

eg. The phantom Menace, Rocky 5, Jurrassic Park 2 and 3, Pirates of the Carribean 2 and 3, Matrix 2 and 3, Spiderman 3, The new indiana jones, All the old batman movies except the firs one, x-men 3

4. Remakes of classic movies

You can't help but get excited about some of the best stories of all time being remade. But they almost always suck.

eg. Pearl Harbor, Superman returns, King Kong, Godzilla, War of the Worlds

3. Scarface

Skyler and I watched this a couple of years ago. It was one of the worse movies i have ever seen. Watching foot fungus grow would be more enjoyable. How did this movie ever do well to begin with.

2. AI

Wow. Up to this point i actually beleived whatever stephen speilberg touched went to gold. This movie was so long, and shoud have ended about 500 times before it finally dwindled to an end.

1. Final Fantasy

As a big fan of the admittedly poorly named final fantasy video game series, I was super excited for this movie. I saw the clips and the CGI looked revolutionary for its time. Too bad the story sucked beyond belief.

Suprises - movies that are not necessarily good but which i thought would suck beyond belief and were not that bad. (in no particular order)

5. Mean Girls

I had been living with my roommates for maybe a week when they come home excited. They told me that they invited some people over to watch mean girls. I was bewildered, confused and angry. However, the movie was decently funny. I may be sick but watching people get hit by buses never gets old.

4. Hott Fuzz

I remember watching the previews for this movie. They looked horrific. But the first half of that movie was hillarious! the second half was kind of fun, overall it way exceeded my expectations

3. Monster house

Ok so Drew and I invited some friends over, and we are going to enjoy some pizza and a good movie. Problem was we couldn't find a movie we could all agree on. So finally Drew picks a movie, doesn't tell us what it is and we go home. Turns out its Monster House. For a movie we were all sure would suck it was pretty darn funny.

2. You've got mail

Up to this point i had never seen a chick flick i enjoyed. Don't get me wrong im not going to be watching it by myself anytime soon. But it was enjoyable.


My roommates dragged me to this movie in the dollar theatre. I couldn't believe we were actually seeing it. I was expecting some sort of horrible mix of eragon with pride and prejudice. It was actually very enjoyable, the best farrie tale movie i had seen in a very long time.

Friday, November 28, 2008

Top 10 Favorite time wasting websites that will surely result in me failing law school.

10. Wikipedia -

I love Wikipedia. As a by product of either living with very argumentative roommates or freakishly knowledgable roommates, I have to know the answer to everything. If anyone asks a question I don't know or makes a ridiculous argument i am on the internet with in seconds trying to figure out the answer. Honestly my obsession with obtaining random factoids and general knowledge is one of the primary reasons I have chosen a profession where i spend 80% of my professional life researching.

9. Woot.

My rommate Nathan first showed me this website. It is awesome (or at least can be.) Everyday they have a new deal on some electronic that they are selling for really cheap. I have seen some amazing deals, today for instance they are selling a 4 gb mp3 player with a leather case for $30. Everyonce and a while they have a "woot off" in which throughout the day they consistantly change the objects they are selling. During the "woot off" they will put up a "bag of crap" it costs a dollar and you get a bag of random electronic assortments. However, every time the magical bag goes online the server usually crashes because so many people are trying to bid.

8. Craiglist / Ebay -

I rarely use these sites for anything practical, but there is so much cool stuff to look at.

7. Kongregate / Asobrain -

Two of the most addictive games ever can be played on the internet. Kongregate hosts the horribly addictive game desktop tower defense. Fortunatley i have given up on beating "the 100" but the hundreds of hours that i wasted playing and watching my roommates play were good times. Asobrain, allows you to play an apparent knock off of Settlers of Catan online against other players. My family periodically will all sign on so that although the Barnetts are in Portland, I am in Utah, and my family is in California we still have an opportunity to yell and cheat one another.

6. Blogger -

I started working on my outline for my Torts class and decided to write this blog. Enough said.

5. Espn. com / -

I am a pretty advid sports fan (well really just football, basketball, tennis and the olympics.) Obviously these websites are famous enough that they really don't need any introduction. Proably my favorite thing to visit on ESPN are Bill Simmons' ("the sports guy") articles. They are hillarious. There is an interesting war on which website i visit. Espn has a lot of its best articles blocked so that only members can see them, but SI often has too many tempting adds to visit the swimsuit pages.

4. Playlist -

This is only website that will actually help my grade. It is such a cool website, you go online and pick all the songs you want to listen to. Instead of downloading them, the site just remembers where they are and you can stream them over the internet. Its got thousands of songs, and since your not downloading anything you don't feel like your pirating or worry about getting crazy viruses.

3. Yahoo Fantasy Football

Im number 1 in a rather competitive league. I look at my team probably 3 times a week and ussually dont change anything. It is amazing how much time i waste over something that has so much luck.

2. Digg -

I absolutely love this website. Hundreds of thousands of nerds like my self waste their time on the internet, what Digg does is allows the nerds to share what they found interesting. Everytime a "digger" finds something interesting they give it a "digg" by the end of the day the most interesting websites will rise to the top of the list. There are so many funny sites and pictures. Warning, although posting of pornography isn't allowed some of the popular diggs can be quite obscene. Still it is an amazing site, go and search the top images for the last year and start wasting your time away.

1. Facebook -

Not much to be said here. I usually keep it open while i am studying which means technically I am on facebook for 10-13 hours a day. The new chat function is ridiculous, some of my friends can't sign on without me being compulsed to chat with them. I feel like i am back in 7th grade on AOL instant messenger.

Sunday, November 23, 2008

Typically I don't bother you with my own thoughts and ideas, but today I feel like sharing. Don't worthy Booya Grandma wont become a typical blog and will continue to provide you with a random assortment of articles and images.

I find it dissapointing the number of people who use the church as an excuse to sell their dreams short. I just got out of priesthood and the lesson was on about how following the commandments is the most important thing, and no other worldly success can make up for not being temple worthy. I 100% agree. However the conversation soon became twisted to the point where people were preaching that it is wrong to try and achieve "greatness" in other realms of life. As someone who has pretty lofty goals this bothered me. Ive noticed this trend in two areas of life: professional and romantic.

I dont want to come across saying that if you don't have a career your a bad person. On the contrary, i want to say that the gospel is compatible with most goals, including professional goals. If you look at the Apostles, you have several men who reached the top of their given profession: Elder Eyring is a world renouned scientist, Elder Nelson is a revolutionary heart surgeon, Elder Oaks served on a Supreme court, and Elder's Holland and Bednar both reached the top of the eductional spectrum. You simply cannot rach the top of your profession with out having a dream to do so and working your butt off to get there.

I have also seen this trend in the dating realm. For instance, many people like to cite President Kimballs statement that "any two people could be happy together as long as they follow the commandments of God." In the words of my former roommate Nathan, "That simply isn't good enough." The quote is meant to help us deal with the inadequacies in our mates, and know that no one is perfect. However, I think its a huge mistake to use the quote as an excuse to settle for someone that you don't find wonderful and amazing.

Anyway, my opinion is that the Lord wants us to be happy, and that happiness includes the fufilling of righteous goals. I find nothing unrighteous about seeking to succeed in professional and social life. Putting the church first does not entail selling your dreams short. That is all.

Sunday, November 16, 2008

Don't steal from a 1L we are too stressed

Why You Should Never Try to Steal a Law Student's Laptop
by Dan Reilly, posted Nov 14th 2008 at 2:41PM
A thief learned the mistake of trying to steal a law student's laptop last week after after becoming a punching bag for an Arizona State student he tried to rip off. Armed with a baseball bat, the intruder, Gabriel Saucedo, allegedly climbed through an open window into Alex Botsios' apartment, waking the student and threatening to smash his head in. Botsios was willing to let Saucedo take his wallet and guitars. Then the robber made the mistake that ultimately landed him in the hospital -- he went for the laptop. According to Botsios, he said "Dude, no -- please, no! I have all my case notes...that's four months of work!" Saucedo, obviously underestimating the fury of an overstressed, overworked first-year, was unsympathetic. That's when Botsios could take no more.Wrestling Saucdeo to the floor, Botsios separated the bat from the thief and repeatedly punched him in the face. When it was all over, police had to get Saucedo stitched up before charging him with armed robbery and kidnapping, while Botsios only suffered some scrapes and a bruised knuckle. Most importantly, at least to the student, is that his laptop, which he called "his baby," escaped unharmed. Next time, Saucedo might want to try robbing a third-year student, as they're generally more docile. [From:]

A tribute to Where's Molly?

I was recently mentioned by name in Where’s Molly’s third CD. It only seems appropriate that I show my appreciation by giving a little tribute in my blog. After all any band whose lead singer loves his voice so much that he actually records his songs twice so he can harmonize with himself deserves a blog entry. Where’s Molly claims to belong to the genre of “subversive acoustic indie pop/ska-without-those-annoying-horns/punk/folk-abilly,” and is probably in the top 10 of bands who claim that genre. The band is lead by Skyler Anderson, a self proclaimed Beavis look-a-like, who receives support from fellow band members the “Bassmaster” and the superbly talented Jim. The trio spends their time using sarcasm to mock everybody and everything from teachers to genocidal inclinations. Here is a list of some of the people who have suffered their rage.

---Guys who try to pick up girls by playing the guitar---

“You are a pretty woman and I play the guitar; why can’t that be enough? Let’s not complicate things, with all this silly getting to know each other slowly over some romantic picnic at the beach, where it soon becomes painfully obvious that music is not enough. It may have got me a first date, but after that it’s up to my charm to be at its best. I must confess that flattery and sensitiveness are not my forte.

---Girls who fall for guys who try to pick up girls by playing the guitar---

“Chicks dig a guy who plays the guitar, uglier guys and worse singers have gotten pretty far. So I thought I would try it out on the first pretty girl who came my way. I guess you will do, this one goes out to you. Just to see your face fills with the sweetest lullaby words of true love come so easily and conveniently rhyme. I impress you with my ability to sing and play at the same time.., so tell me, honestly, have I impressed you enough to have the chance to woo you further over dinner and a movie or some crap like that? Cause if not, I best off before I lost too much of my time with some silly broad who sees through my fa├žade.. Let me tell you girl there is plenty more where you came from! and this little scam of mine will work on at least one!”

---Any girl who isn’t hot but isn’t ugly---

“She got a perfect face except for that nose, but at night time it hardly shows. Her gut hangs slightly over her back side but it’s easy enough to hide. With such a pretty smile it’s hard to see her little mustache and yellow teeth. My little would be perfect would be a perfect girl, but she ain’t no pearl. She’s all I got so I guess I’ll fall in love.”

---Guys who think girls are always leading them on---

“Girl you gotta a lot of nerve leading me to believe that you love me when that was the furthest thing from your mind. Your sick twisted mind! We are living in a society where we are expected to deal civilly with our fellow man, but that’s something that you just don’t seem to understand. How dare you wave that pretty little had at me, give me a smile and wave and call me by my name (crystal clear signs you want to get with me.) So without delay I made my move saying “Hey little lady, how about you and me run away together foreverafter baby? You say, ‘let’s just be friends,’ With friends like that I’d rather walk this cold cruel world alone! You did me dirty girl! Don’t you know that pretty girls can’t be nice? It’s simply isn’t right if they aren’t willing to back it up. I thought it was understood if you don’t love us you should not even look at us.”

---The Bassmaster’s mom. ---
(Mrs. Graham once suggested they replace Skyler with a new lead singer.)

“I tried to write a pretty song... but Mrs. Graham said that I suck and should find someone else to sing…Didn’t Hitler start off the same, relieving stress artistically? Life got him down so he would paint, till all his rage left him nice and peacefully. Then someone told him he was bad, and should find something new. So the next time he felt sad he went and killed 6 million Jews. Well is that what you want Mrs. Graham, another senseless genocide? You thought the holocaust was bad just and wait and see how many millions more will die! I’ll butcher every human being without music as my escape! She said ‘if that would stop your singing it seems a small price to pay.’”

---And finally anyone who supported the band by paying for a CD---

“You got ripped off.. Adam.”

Sunday, November 9, 2008

Raven's revenge

My randomness knows no bounds.

Monday, November 3, 2008

The bus = unadulterated randomness

So I ride the bus. Most of the time its full of other students but everyonce and a while you get to sit with some of the bus veterans. Today this huge fat bald guy with an awesome beard sat down next to me. After a few minutes he strikes up a conversation by saying, "if swimming is so good for you, why are whales fat?" I just laughed and was left without a good retort. So he then he wished me a happy "voting day eve." The conversation then turned to the election, and of course the entire bus started interjecting into our conversation. Some one mentioned that Steve's Young's wife donated $50,000 dollars towards the push to vote no on prop 8. I mentioned that although i completley disagree with her take on the issue, you gotta give her props for standing up for her beliefs despite her husband, church, and friends. This obviously didn't go over well in the conservative black hole i live in. The fat guy then said, "I'll stand up with anyone, just next to those who have lightning bolts thrown at them." It turned out that several of us were from California and one of the girls lived in Mission Viejo. I asked her what ward she lived in and she said Ladera Ranch. The Fat guy then said, "They changed the ward name recently, right?" The girl was a little confused.. then he said "It used to be called the psychiatric right?" It was one of the more entertaining 5 minute bus rides I have had.

Sunday, November 2, 2008

Favorite Movies

So on more than one occassion my friends and i have attempted to compile the greatest movies of all time list. Its impossible. The problem is that movie genres are so completely different. Today i made a list of different genres and included one of my favorite movies from that genre. Im not going to say its my favorite but its what immediately came to my head. I am also going to include my favorite scene from the movie. I highly recommend anyone of these movies if you havent seen it.

Action: Terminator 2 - When the Terminator is commanded to smile
Adventure: Raiders of the Lost Ark - When Indy shoots the samarai
Animation: Aladdin - Robin Williams's opening dialouge
Biography: Braveheart - The famous speech
Comedy: Forest Gump - "Sometimes there are not enough rocks"
Court Room Drama: To Kill a Mockingbird - Atticus's final remarks
Documentary: Endless Summer 2 - The Lions
Drama: Shawshank Redemption - Morgan Freeman's monolouge about the escape
Family (non animated): Hook - "Who's the shrub!?"
Fantasy: Return of the Jedi - I love it all
Foreign: Life is Beautiful - When the boy "wins" the tank
History: Shindler’s List - The violin solo
Horror: Silence of the Lambs - Jodi Foster's first interview with Hannibal
Independent: The Usual Suspects - The Line up
Musical: Beauty and the Beast - Gaston talking to Belle
Mystery: LA Confidential - The interrogations
Race related: American History X - I just like the overall message
Romance: Love Actually - The end of the portuguese story
Sci-Fi: Jurassic Park - "when you gotta go you gotta go"
Slap Stick Comedy: Dumb & Dumber - When they sell the bird to the blind kid
Sport: Cinderella Man - When you see that his managers house is empty
Thriller: The Fugitive - The tunnel / dam scene
War: Saving Private Ryan - The beach scene
Western: Open Range - The 30 min gun fight

Saturday, October 25, 2008

10 free things to do in provo

I wrote this big note on facebook and dont want to deal with transfering it over her. Its a nice note and there is a good chance if you lived in Provo i have a picture of you.

Friday, October 24, 2008

My favorite hikes (so far)

I absolutely love the outdoors. Some of my favorite memories are hiking with friends and family. Whether it be snowshoeing up the provo canyon or exploring far off places, i just love to hike. Here are my top 5 favorite hikes I have had the opportunity to visit.
The Narrows

The narrows is the probably the easiest of these hikes to get to. Its just out in the middle of Zions near St. George. It is absolutely breathtaking, however if i were to do it again i would definetely do it in 2 days instead of 1. By the end we were way too exhausted to really appreciate how wonderful it was.


Havasupai is a great beginners hike with excelent rewards. It is only about 8 miles in and 8 miles out. Havasupai is one of the most beautiful places i have ever been, i could spend forever just playing in the many waterfalls and mineral pools.

John Muir Trail

Too be candid I haven't done the entire trail. But i did do about 55 miles of it. I loved it, it is so beautiful and I have never felt a greater sense of accomplishment than finishing the hike. Im sure i would enjoy it even more now than i did when i was 15.

Machu Pichu

You dont have to hike when you go to Machu Pichu but if you don't your really missing out. It only takes about an hour to get to the top of that peak you see in the picture. It is kind of a scary little jaunt because the steps are just holes in the stone which are almost always wet. But the view is amazing.

Torres De Paine

Torres de Paine in Southern Chile is hands down the coolest place i have ever been to. My parents and I spent 3 days just hinking its terrain and enjoying the scenery. Besides the towers which i have shown, the glaciers are the coolest things. I have never seen any thing so electric blue in my life. I would highly recomend that any outdoor enthusiast visit Torres de Paine at some point in thier lives.


Warning. If you do not have any inner geek with in you, the nerdinest of these comics will be way too much for you. Otherwise, enjoy embracing your inner geek.


I love Bansky's work. For those of you who have never heard of him he is a grafiti artist.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bill Simmons Mail Bag

I love the mail bag, the most random questions that can be imagined are asked. Here are some of my favorites from this week.

Shouldn't Elizabeth Perkins have faced statutory rape charges in "Big"?
Absolutely. The rules are explicit here -- if you have consensual sexual relations with anyone not legally old enough to consent to such behavior, it's statutory rape regardless of whether they turned themselves into an adult by making a wish to a Zoltar machine

SG: Here's my contribution to the poor Sonics fans: You know the team Kevin Durant plays for right now? I'm never mentioning their "new" name in this column. Ever. For as long as I have it. I'm alternating between these four names …
1. Kevin Durant's Team.2. The Seattle SloppySeconds3. The Bennett City Hijackers4. The Team That Shall Not Be Named

If the Dodgers open the World Series at Boston, what's the over/under on where Manny's first homer lands?
SG: I think it's going to be one of those line drives that's still going up as it ricochets off some drunk guy's head in the second row of the Monster seats

Doesn't Ray Lewis have to lead the league in my new stat: "Last Man to Dive in on an Already Made Tackle?" As the play is dying, he comes flying in, diving, rolling, jumping up, slapping the helmet, shouting, doing that crazy electric-boogaloo dance that makes my eyes bleed out before my head explodes. Having added nothing to the play other than his half-seizure, he's all of a sudden the center of attention for these nitwit announcers
SG: I demand that "Last Man to Dive in on an Already Made Tackle" become an official Football Outsiders stat starting this week. The real shame is we'll never know who had more career LMDAMTs -- Lewis or Junior Seau, who had 650 of them last season alone. It's kind of like how we'll never know who has the sack record. We just have to wonder.

Q: Did you know that if you Google "gay guy with beard" under Google images, your photo comes up at the beginning of the fourth page? Just thought you'd like to know. P.S. You may be asking yourself why one would search for this. Rest assured, it involved trash talk on my fantasy football homepage.-- Kevin, Pittsburgh
SG: That has become the go-to the excuse for all aberrant online behavior these days: "Rest assured, it involved trash talk on my fantasy football homepage."

How would you describe Bob Costas' role on "Sunday Night Football" right now?-- Lucas, Shaker Heights
SG:Confused? Undefined? He's like an emcee -- it's like when Jerry Lewis kind of wanders in and out of his own telethon and you might not see him again for five hours. Costas doesn't moderate any of the three-man discussions because Collinsworth always does it. He doesn't narrate any of the highlights because Olbermann and Patrick do it. Well, if you're not moderating, and you're not narrating highlights, and you're not offering football analysis, what the hell is left? He's like a maitre'd at a nice restaurant: "Welcome to Sunday Night Football, I'm Bob Costas, lemme show you to your table … Keith Olbermann and Cris Collinsworth will be right with you."

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Polic Beat

For those of you who are not familiar with BYU we have a daily newspaper called The Daily Universe which is run by the students here. About once a week they publish what is called "The Police Beat." The Beat is simply amazing I thought i would share a few of the incidents that happend this week.

"Sept 30: Female students in Helaman Halls complained about a man in a gorilla suit attempting to scare students near the Cannon Center. When police arived, there was no sign of either the complainants or the gorilla. The gorilla has not yet been identified."

"Sept 30: A goup of three student lacrosse players and two runners got into a fight at the track near Helaman Halls when one of the locrosse players told the runers to put on a shirt."

"Oct 3: A resident in Wymount Terrace reported a suspicious male looking around the quad. When police arived, the man explained he was staying with his brother. He had gone jogging and forgot where his brother lived when he returned."

"Oct 5: Five individuals were seen with headbands and backpacks after midnight. When police arrived, the individuals said thery were there to climb the side of the building. The police sent the would be climbes on their way.'

"Oct 4: Police responded to a call about people climbing the statue of Karl G. Maeser. Police told the climbers to leave."

I also found this awesome website this morning from Digg:

Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ice Cream

I went to the grocery store today and to my horror the ice cream companies reduced their carton sizes by 25%! I am upset. That is all.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cheers to Brittish Comedians

The last two movies I have seen are Ghost Town and Run Fat Boy Run, they were both fantastic. To be fair neither one of them will be cracking my all-time favorite movie list, however; both movies did exactly what thier genre requires of them. To be more specific both movies were funny and sweet, with a nice dose of crude brittish witt in them.
Ghost Town stars Ricky Gervais, he is relatively unknown here in the States, although you might remember him as the musuem director in Night at the Museum, he is also a principal writter for the brittish The Office series. Gervais does a great job playing this socially awkward but very quick witted Dentist who falls in love with a woman way out of his league. The movie also has a few appearances from Aasif Mandvi who most can recognize as the middle-eastern correspondant on the Daily Show.
Run Fat Boy Run features Simon Pegg, star of Hott Fuzz and Shaun of the dead, he also co-wrote the film. I had my doubts going into the movie considering it is directed by David Schwimmer, but there were only a few moments were his personality were apparent. The story is about a loser who can never commit to anything who agrees to run a marathon to show up another man.
It is really hard to classify what genre these movies belong to. Obviously they are both comedies but neither could be considered slapstick and they are not romantic comedies. They have the same general feel as Stranger than Fiction. As with a lot of movies staring brittish actors, these two are sweet movies with very little plot but interesting characters who behave very oddly. If you don't like dry humor than these moviea might not be for you. However, considering its been a while since I have seen a good comedy I have to give my congrats to the britts.

I thought I should mention, considering almost all my friends are married, both movies would be great date movies. And Ran fat boy run is relatively unheard of and can be found in just a bout any red box.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I just wanted to post my congrats to Drew and Christina. Their wedding was simply amazing and spectacularly beautiful. I wish them the best.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More harmful and offensive contact

So we started the tricky subject of implied consent today. The basic premise is that you can't be held liable for something that you were given consent to do. ex. A football player can't charge a quaterback for battery when he tackles him, although the contact may have been harmful. So here is the hypothetical. (note i don't remember the actual words this time. So i am making stuff up to get the main points of the conversation across.)

Mr. Smith, suppose a young man takes a young lady on a long romantic walk on the beach. The stars are out and it is simply breathtaking. The couple sit down and after a while. The young man leans in to kiss the young lady, but she doesn't respond at all, she just sits there with no change of expression or posture. The young man decides to kiss her anyway. The young lady later fills a suit of battery. Is it battery? there was definitley intentional contact, and the young lady certainly found it to be offensive. - Prof. Nunez

"well if the stars weren't out it would be a different story." He then proceeds to explain how our if a reasonable person would assume that the victim had implied consent then the victim has an oblibligation to voice any contrary opinions. "I think given the circumstances, any reasonable woman would assume she was about to be kissed." - Mr. Smith

"Ok, what if it was the first date?" - Prof. Nunez

"Considering she didn't even turn her head, she implied consent to be kissed." -Mr. Smith.

"So lets change the situation a little. The young lady is on the beach by her self and some stranger runs over and kisses her. Are we to assume she consented because she didn't turn her head?" - Prof. Nunez

This may not be as entertaining to some as it was to me. But having lived in California my whole life i am accustomed to seeing some of the most breathtaking women on our beaches. I could imagine the beach bums (which incidentily look like my blog profile picture) running around kissing these unsuspecting women.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sorry it took me so long to get some more random stuff up. Law school pretty much dominates most my free time. I just wanted to give a shout out to the MWC going 4-0 against the Pac 10, which although it may be over-rated its still better than the ACC or Big 10.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Carls Jr.

So i go to Carl's Jr. Today and I had the following conversation with the attendant:

"Hi welcome to Carl's Jr. how can i help you?" - Him
"I'm Fine, Can i get a number 4 please?" - Me
"Would you like a combo with that?" -Him
"Umm... yes a number 4?" - Me
"Yes sir, would you like a combo with that?" - Him
"Yes i would like my number four to be a combo meal" -Me
"Ok one number 4, do you want a drink and fries?" -Him
"Ok just give me a double bacon western cheeseburger, a small drink, and a small fry please." -Me
"Ok" - Him

The comedian Lewis Black once described why people have annorisms. You hear something incomprehensible and your brain subconsciously wrestles it with it for years before it gives up and you die. Thanks a lot Carl's Jr. Man.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Harmful or offensive conduct

In law school, and especially in this class, the teacher gives hypotheticals and invites us to argue based upon a set of rules. Ussually the arguments are quite stressful because the teacher calls on students without warning. Today however, the conversation took a pleasently entertaining turn.

We were discussing civil battery today and one of the the requirements for civil battery is "harmful or offensive contact." This is an actual piece of the conversation we had today.

"Mr. Smith let's someone was walking down university avenue and is hit by a car and breaks his arm. A student with paramedic training runs over and without explaining a word sets the arm . Would this be battery?" -Professor Nunez

"...I don't think a reasonable jury would find that setting an arm would be considered harmful or offensive." -Student

"But doesn't the injured have a right to go to a hospital and recieve painkillers before his arm was set? Was not the paramedics conduct harmful?" -Professor

"I still argue that under the circumstances the paramedic was justified"- Student

"Does anyone disagree with Mr. Smith?" - Professor

"...Just because you have medical training does not give you the right to exercise your skills without recourse. If a proctologist ran over and gave me unrequested medical assistance i would find it very 'offensive.'" -Student 2

To make the conversation even funnier about an hour later a classmate trying to understand the class material asked me what a proctologist was.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I love reading the insane comments left by BYU and Utah fans on ESPN articles. Although I'm a Cougar fan this conversation just made me laugh.

"Harline is still open and dont forget 4 and 18. I cant wait until November 22nd when the Undefeated BYU beats the Undefeated Utah in Salt Lake." -Cougarboy45

"And Harline is still unemployed"- Utefan00045

"Harline isn't unemployed! He's got a great job selling cell phones at the mall along with Luke Staley. After he soon gets cut by the Dolphins they might also be able to hook John Beck up with a position but they're worried about his resume. Crying after losses doesn't fare well in the cell phone industry. " -Twimmer5

I also found this amusing. It comes from article by Graham Watson, which describes the rivalry between BYU and UTah

(in 1990) a "Cougar fan jumped out of the stands and attacked a Utah male cheerleader who was running around the field with a Utah flag after a Utah touchdown. The cheerleader proceeded to beat the fan until police separated the two."

I really do love sports

Saturday, August 23, 2008

I dont think i have ever laughed so hard in class.

One of the deans in my law school told us the following.

"There are many expenses even after you get out of law school. Did you know it costs $4 to dry clean a shirt? So instead, i donate my shirts to DI, they wash and dry it and then I come back the next day and buy my shirt back for a dollar."

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

This is one of my favorite stories I have recently...
"Last week was my birthday and I didn't feel very well waking up that morning. I went downstairs for breakfast hoping my wife would be pleasant and say, "Happy birthday!", and possibly have a present for me.As it turned out, she barely said good morning, let alone "Happy birthday".I thought... well, that's marriage for you, but the kids will remember. My kids ate breakfast and didn't say a word.So when I left for the office, I was feeling pretty low and somewhat despondent.As I walked into my office, my secretary, Jane said, "Good morning boss, happy birthday!" It felt a little better that at least someone had remembered.I worked until one o'clock and then Jane knocked on my door and said, "You know, it's such a beautiful day outside, and it's your birthday, let's go out to lunch, just you and me".I said, "Thanks Jane, that's the greatest thing I've heard all day. Let's go!"We went to lunch. But we didn't go where we normally would go. We dined instead at a little place with a private table. We had two martinis each and I enjoyed the meal tremendously.On the way back to the office, Jane said, "You know, it's such a beautiful day... We don't need to go back to the office, do we?"I responded, "I guess not. What do you have in mind?"She said, "Let's go to my apartment".After arriving at her apartment Jane turned to me and said, "Boss, if you don't mind, I'm going to step into the bedroom for a moment. I'll be right back"."OK", I nervously replied.She went into the bedroom and, after a couple of minutes, she came out carrying a huge birthday cake... followed by my wife, kids, and dozens of my friends and co-workers, all singing "Happy Birthday".And I just sat there...On the couch...Naked..."


So i waste an incredible amount of time looking at worthless yet funny stuff on the internet. I thought i would just have a place to collect my favorites so I can share them with my friends.