Saturday, November 29, 2008

Movie expectations

Movies are all about expectations. So i decided to share with you the five biggest surprises and the biggest dissapointments I have seen. This is obviously subjective, and i present these in no particular order.


5. Sequels:

Everyonce and a while a great triology such as LOTR or Bourne come along and give us just enough hope to think that sequels can be decent. Its time we learn

eg. The phantom Menace, Rocky 5, Jurrassic Park 2 and 3, Pirates of the Carribean 2 and 3, Matrix 2 and 3, Spiderman 3, The new indiana jones, All the old batman movies except the firs one, x-men 3

4. Remakes of classic movies

You can't help but get excited about some of the best stories of all time being remade. But they almost always suck.

eg. Pearl Harbor, Superman returns, King Kong, Godzilla, War of the Worlds

3. Scarface

Skyler and I watched this a couple of years ago. It was one of the worse movies i have ever seen. Watching foot fungus grow would be more enjoyable. How did this movie ever do well to begin with.

2. AI

Wow. Up to this point i actually beleived whatever stephen speilberg touched went to gold. This movie was so long, and shoud have ended about 500 times before it finally dwindled to an end.

1. Final Fantasy

As a big fan of the admittedly poorly named final fantasy video game series, I was super excited for this movie. I saw the clips and the CGI looked revolutionary for its time. Too bad the story sucked beyond belief.

Suprises - movies that are not necessarily good but which i thought would suck beyond belief and were not that bad. (in no particular order)

5. Mean Girls

I had been living with my roommates for maybe a week when they come home excited. They told me that they invited some people over to watch mean girls. I was bewildered, confused and angry. However, the movie was decently funny. I may be sick but watching people get hit by buses never gets old.

4. Hott Fuzz

I remember watching the previews for this movie. They looked horrific. But the first half of that movie was hillarious! the second half was kind of fun, overall it way exceeded my expectations

3. Monster house

Ok so Drew and I invited some friends over, and we are going to enjoy some pizza and a good movie. Problem was we couldn't find a movie we could all agree on. So finally Drew picks a movie, doesn't tell us what it is and we go home. Turns out its Monster House. For a movie we were all sure would suck it was pretty darn funny.

2. You've got mail

Up to this point i had never seen a chick flick i enjoyed. Don't get me wrong im not going to be watching it by myself anytime soon. But it was enjoyable.


My roommates dragged me to this movie in the dollar theatre. I couldn't believe we were actually seeing it. I was expecting some sort of horrible mix of eragon with pride and prejudice. It was actually very enjoyable, the best farrie tale movie i had seen in a very long time.

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The Blogsmith said...

dude this is false! Matrix 2 was fine, and X-men 3 was great! I agree with everything else on the sequels. Can you please serve yourself another viewing of Dark Knight, btw? :P

Classic remakes are more like a hit-or-miss. I agree with all of your listings that i've seen, but TNMT was great, Casino Royale was great, Batman Begins was great (or Dark Knight for "Joker remake") and I heard Get Smart was really good too. All remakes. Not necessarily exact remakes but remakes none the less! All excellent.

Scarface is 80s at its best (behind Over the Top, Karate Kid, and Lost Boys, of course)

AI - couldn't agree with you more. This is what happens when a movie that is dark and should have ended dark and coming from a "shiz happens" school of director/screenwright is put into the hands of a "happily ever after" or "ride off into the sunset" school of director. You get this clusterf#$%d movie layered into a movie that can't decide where it wants to go and how it wants to end. Too bad too because the acting was excellent.

Final Fantasy - ya i agree, but it still gets a 5 out of 10 in my book because the CGI at times made me believe it was live shot. Im sure you didnt mind the plot of Advent Children. They tried to redeem themselves with a solid video game plot there and the same cast of characters.

Adam I think you've been hanging around me too long... spouting out these extreme blanket remarks!