Friday, November 28, 2008

Top 10 Favorite time wasting websites that will surely result in me failing law school.

10. Wikipedia -

I love Wikipedia. As a by product of either living with very argumentative roommates or freakishly knowledgable roommates, I have to know the answer to everything. If anyone asks a question I don't know or makes a ridiculous argument i am on the internet with in seconds trying to figure out the answer. Honestly my obsession with obtaining random factoids and general knowledge is one of the primary reasons I have chosen a profession where i spend 80% of my professional life researching.

9. Woot.

My rommate Nathan first showed me this website. It is awesome (or at least can be.) Everyday they have a new deal on some electronic that they are selling for really cheap. I have seen some amazing deals, today for instance they are selling a 4 gb mp3 player with a leather case for $30. Everyonce and a while they have a "woot off" in which throughout the day they consistantly change the objects they are selling. During the "woot off" they will put up a "bag of crap" it costs a dollar and you get a bag of random electronic assortments. However, every time the magical bag goes online the server usually crashes because so many people are trying to bid.

8. Craiglist / Ebay -

I rarely use these sites for anything practical, but there is so much cool stuff to look at.

7. Kongregate / Asobrain -

Two of the most addictive games ever can be played on the internet. Kongregate hosts the horribly addictive game desktop tower defense. Fortunatley i have given up on beating "the 100" but the hundreds of hours that i wasted playing and watching my roommates play were good times. Asobrain, allows you to play an apparent knock off of Settlers of Catan online against other players. My family periodically will all sign on so that although the Barnetts are in Portland, I am in Utah, and my family is in California we still have an opportunity to yell and cheat one another.

6. Blogger -

I started working on my outline for my Torts class and decided to write this blog. Enough said.

5. Espn. com / -

I am a pretty advid sports fan (well really just football, basketball, tennis and the olympics.) Obviously these websites are famous enough that they really don't need any introduction. Proably my favorite thing to visit on ESPN are Bill Simmons' ("the sports guy") articles. They are hillarious. There is an interesting war on which website i visit. Espn has a lot of its best articles blocked so that only members can see them, but SI often has too many tempting adds to visit the swimsuit pages.

4. Playlist -

This is only website that will actually help my grade. It is such a cool website, you go online and pick all the songs you want to listen to. Instead of downloading them, the site just remembers where they are and you can stream them over the internet. Its got thousands of songs, and since your not downloading anything you don't feel like your pirating or worry about getting crazy viruses.

3. Yahoo Fantasy Football

Im number 1 in a rather competitive league. I look at my team probably 3 times a week and ussually dont change anything. It is amazing how much time i waste over something that has so much luck.

2. Digg -

I absolutely love this website. Hundreds of thousands of nerds like my self waste their time on the internet, what Digg does is allows the nerds to share what they found interesting. Everytime a "digger" finds something interesting they give it a "digg" by the end of the day the most interesting websites will rise to the top of the list. There are so many funny sites and pictures. Warning, although posting of pornography isn't allowed some of the popular diggs can be quite obscene. Still it is an amazing site, go and search the top images for the last year and start wasting your time away.

1. Facebook -

Not much to be said here. I usually keep it open while i am studying which means technically I am on facebook for 10-13 hours a day. The new chat function is ridiculous, some of my friends can't sign on without me being compulsed to chat with them. I feel like i am back in 7th grade on AOL instant messenger.


The Blogsmith said...

oh yes. facebook easily makes the top list. Hell I'm even on facebook while at work! lol.

Nicholas said...

Digg is definitely on mine. However, I find the comments to be quite annoying and egocentric. I'm currently in the transition from Digg to reddit specifically for the comments, and not to mention the new ads added to each RSS post. What's your digg name anyway?