Monday, November 3, 2008

The bus = unadulterated randomness

So I ride the bus. Most of the time its full of other students but everyonce and a while you get to sit with some of the bus veterans. Today this huge fat bald guy with an awesome beard sat down next to me. After a few minutes he strikes up a conversation by saying, "if swimming is so good for you, why are whales fat?" I just laughed and was left without a good retort. So he then he wished me a happy "voting day eve." The conversation then turned to the election, and of course the entire bus started interjecting into our conversation. Some one mentioned that Steve's Young's wife donated $50,000 dollars towards the push to vote no on prop 8. I mentioned that although i completley disagree with her take on the issue, you gotta give her props for standing up for her beliefs despite her husband, church, and friends. This obviously didn't go over well in the conservative black hole i live in. The fat guy then said, "I'll stand up with anyone, just next to those who have lightning bolts thrown at them." It turned out that several of us were from California and one of the girls lived in Mission Viejo. I asked her what ward she lived in and she said Ladera Ranch. The Fat guy then said, "They changed the ward name recently, right?" The girl was a little confused.. then he said "It used to be called the psychiatric right?" It was one of the more entertaining 5 minute bus rides I have had.

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