Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Funny final

So i had my first final today. It was beast and im glad its over. However, one part of the final was hillarious and i thought i would share i with you.

There was this guy who uses an oxygen tank to get air to his lungs. Anyway a long story short he gets made at some smokers and pulls out a cell phone to call the cops. The phone knocks off the tube going into his nose; the oxygen then ignites upon the cigarrettes creating an explosion. The guy gets propelled into a tree and then one of the smoker's dog runs over and pees on his head.

I'm sad to say that i doubt my next 3 finals will be as entertaining.


Brandon and Bethany said...

omgosh! Is that a true story? And who gets sued?

Booya Grandma said...

Its a long and complicated analysis. But in a nut shell they could all theoretically sue each other for several different things.