Monday, December 8, 2008

Law school's way of saying you're screwed

"Always remember that you are of inestimable worth; that you are sons and daughters of God; that our Heavenly Father has upheld you and guided you from before the foundation of the world and all of your lives; that He has brought you to BYU Law School for an eternal purpose; that He will not forsake you; and that He will bless you to fulfill the divine role for which you were born, regardless of the results of final grades."

I'm sure the school was well-intentioned but this email message they sent out but surely made people more stressed than they already were. Pretty much, the law school is saying that we are going to get bad grades. Anyway, Im hanging in there and am still loving law school. Finals start wednesday; wish me luck!

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Courtney N said...

You're a smart guy... Im sure you'll do fine!!