Monday, September 1, 2008

I love reading the insane comments left by BYU and Utah fans on ESPN articles. Although I'm a Cougar fan this conversation just made me laugh.

"Harline is still open and dont forget 4 and 18. I cant wait until November 22nd when the Undefeated BYU beats the Undefeated Utah in Salt Lake." -Cougarboy45

"And Harline is still unemployed"- Utefan00045

"Harline isn't unemployed! He's got a great job selling cell phones at the mall along with Luke Staley. After he soon gets cut by the Dolphins they might also be able to hook John Beck up with a position but they're worried about his resume. Crying after losses doesn't fare well in the cell phone industry. " -Twimmer5

I also found this amusing. It comes from article by Graham Watson, which describes the rivalry between BYU and UTah

(in 1990) a "Cougar fan jumped out of the stands and attacked a Utah male cheerleader who was running around the field with a Utah flag after a Utah touchdown. The cheerleader proceeded to beat the fan until police separated the two."

I really do love sports

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