Thursday, September 4, 2008

Carls Jr.

So i go to Carl's Jr. Today and I had the following conversation with the attendant:

"Hi welcome to Carl's Jr. how can i help you?" - Him
"I'm Fine, Can i get a number 4 please?" - Me
"Would you like a combo with that?" -Him
"Umm... yes a number 4?" - Me
"Yes sir, would you like a combo with that?" - Him
"Yes i would like my number four to be a combo meal" -Me
"Ok one number 4, do you want a drink and fries?" -Him
"Ok just give me a double bacon western cheeseburger, a small drink, and a small fry please." -Me
"Ok" - Him

The comedian Lewis Black once described why people have annorisms. You hear something incomprehensible and your brain subconsciously wrestles it with it for years before it gives up and you die. Thanks a lot Carl's Jr. Man.

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The Blogsmith said...

Lewis Black is the man! That Carl's Jr. guy is a sucker!