Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cheers to Brittish Comedians

The last two movies I have seen are Ghost Town and Run Fat Boy Run, they were both fantastic. To be fair neither one of them will be cracking my all-time favorite movie list, however; both movies did exactly what thier genre requires of them. To be more specific both movies were funny and sweet, with a nice dose of crude brittish witt in them.
Ghost Town stars Ricky Gervais, he is relatively unknown here in the States, although you might remember him as the musuem director in Night at the Museum, he is also a principal writter for the brittish The Office series. Gervais does a great job playing this socially awkward but very quick witted Dentist who falls in love with a woman way out of his league. The movie also has a few appearances from Aasif Mandvi who most can recognize as the middle-eastern correspondant on the Daily Show.
Run Fat Boy Run features Simon Pegg, star of Hott Fuzz and Shaun of the dead, he also co-wrote the film. I had my doubts going into the movie considering it is directed by David Schwimmer, but there were only a few moments were his personality were apparent. The story is about a loser who can never commit to anything who agrees to run a marathon to show up another man.
It is really hard to classify what genre these movies belong to. Obviously they are both comedies but neither could be considered slapstick and they are not romantic comedies. They have the same general feel as Stranger than Fiction. As with a lot of movies staring brittish actors, these two are sweet movies with very little plot but interesting characters who behave very oddly. If you don't like dry humor than these moviea might not be for you. However, considering its been a while since I have seen a good comedy I have to give my congrats to the britts.

I thought I should mention, considering almost all my friends are married, both movies would be great date movies. And Ran fat boy run is relatively unheard of and can be found in just a bout any red box.

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absterradster said...

Hey Adam! This is Abby used to be Campbell. I don't know if you remember me, which you probably should! :) I forgot how much you made me laugh! I love that I just found your blog, it hilarious! I hope you don't mind me reading it!? How have you been!?