Sunday, November 2, 2008

Favorite Movies

So on more than one occassion my friends and i have attempted to compile the greatest movies of all time list. Its impossible. The problem is that movie genres are so completely different. Today i made a list of different genres and included one of my favorite movies from that genre. Im not going to say its my favorite but its what immediately came to my head. I am also going to include my favorite scene from the movie. I highly recommend anyone of these movies if you havent seen it.

Action: Terminator 2 - When the Terminator is commanded to smile
Adventure: Raiders of the Lost Ark - When Indy shoots the samarai
Animation: Aladdin - Robin Williams's opening dialouge
Biography: Braveheart - The famous speech
Comedy: Forest Gump - "Sometimes there are not enough rocks"
Court Room Drama: To Kill a Mockingbird - Atticus's final remarks
Documentary: Endless Summer 2 - The Lions
Drama: Shawshank Redemption - Morgan Freeman's monolouge about the escape
Family (non animated): Hook - "Who's the shrub!?"
Fantasy: Return of the Jedi - I love it all
Foreign: Life is Beautiful - When the boy "wins" the tank
History: Shindler’s List - The violin solo
Horror: Silence of the Lambs - Jodi Foster's first interview with Hannibal
Independent: The Usual Suspects - The Line up
Musical: Beauty and the Beast - Gaston talking to Belle
Mystery: LA Confidential - The interrogations
Race related: American History X - I just like the overall message
Romance: Love Actually - The end of the portuguese story
Sci-Fi: Jurassic Park - "when you gotta go you gotta go"
Slap Stick Comedy: Dumb & Dumber - When they sell the bird to the blind kid
Sport: Cinderella Man - When you see that his managers house is empty
Thriller: The Fugitive - The tunnel / dam scene
War: Saving Private Ryan - The beach scene
Western: Open Range - The 30 min gun fight


Larry said...

Great list man! I have thought about re-doing mine this way too.

absterradster said...

I'm surprised "Nightmare before Christmas" isn't on your list!

Courtney N said...

I like this idea better then the other guys list. Its hard to make a true top 100 list when there are so many different types of movies. I like your list and Im pretty sure I've seen most of these movies.