Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Ice Cream

I went to the grocery store today and to my horror the ice cream companies reduced their carton sizes by 25%! I am upset. That is all.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Cheers to Brittish Comedians

The last two movies I have seen are Ghost Town and Run Fat Boy Run, they were both fantastic. To be fair neither one of them will be cracking my all-time favorite movie list, however; both movies did exactly what thier genre requires of them. To be more specific both movies were funny and sweet, with a nice dose of crude brittish witt in them.
Ghost Town stars Ricky Gervais, he is relatively unknown here in the States, although you might remember him as the musuem director in Night at the Museum, he is also a principal writter for the brittish The Office series. Gervais does a great job playing this socially awkward but very quick witted Dentist who falls in love with a woman way out of his league. The movie also has a few appearances from Aasif Mandvi who most can recognize as the middle-eastern correspondant on the Daily Show.
Run Fat Boy Run features Simon Pegg, star of Hott Fuzz and Shaun of the dead, he also co-wrote the film. I had my doubts going into the movie considering it is directed by David Schwimmer, but there were only a few moments were his personality were apparent. The story is about a loser who can never commit to anything who agrees to run a marathon to show up another man.
It is really hard to classify what genre these movies belong to. Obviously they are both comedies but neither could be considered slapstick and they are not romantic comedies. They have the same general feel as Stranger than Fiction. As with a lot of movies staring brittish actors, these two are sweet movies with very little plot but interesting characters who behave very oddly. If you don't like dry humor than these moviea might not be for you. However, considering its been a while since I have seen a good comedy I have to give my congrats to the britts.

I thought I should mention, considering almost all my friends are married, both movies would be great date movies. And Ran fat boy run is relatively unheard of and can be found in just a bout any red box.

Sunday, September 21, 2008


I just wanted to post my congrats to Drew and Christina. Their wedding was simply amazing and spectacularly beautiful. I wish them the best.

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Wednesday, September 17, 2008

More harmful and offensive contact

So we started the tricky subject of implied consent today. The basic premise is that you can't be held liable for something that you were given consent to do. ex. A football player can't charge a quaterback for battery when he tackles him, although the contact may have been harmful. So here is the hypothetical. (note i don't remember the actual words this time. So i am making stuff up to get the main points of the conversation across.)

Mr. Smith, suppose a young man takes a young lady on a long romantic walk on the beach. The stars are out and it is simply breathtaking. The couple sit down and after a while. The young man leans in to kiss the young lady, but she doesn't respond at all, she just sits there with no change of expression or posture. The young man decides to kiss her anyway. The young lady later fills a suit of battery. Is it battery? there was definitley intentional contact, and the young lady certainly found it to be offensive. - Prof. Nunez

"well if the stars weren't out it would be a different story." He then proceeds to explain how our if a reasonable person would assume that the victim had implied consent then the victim has an oblibligation to voice any contrary opinions. "I think given the circumstances, any reasonable woman would assume she was about to be kissed." - Mr. Smith

"Ok, what if it was the first date?" - Prof. Nunez

"Considering she didn't even turn her head, she implied consent to be kissed." -Mr. Smith.

"So lets change the situation a little. The young lady is on the beach by her self and some stranger runs over and kisses her. Are we to assume she consented because she didn't turn her head?" - Prof. Nunez

This may not be as entertaining to some as it was to me. But having lived in California my whole life i am accustomed to seeing some of the most breathtaking women on our beaches. I could imagine the beach bums (which incidentily look like my blog profile picture) running around kissing these unsuspecting women.

Monday, September 15, 2008

Sorry it took me so long to get some more random stuff up. Law school pretty much dominates most my free time. I just wanted to give a shout out to the MWC going 4-0 against the Pac 10, which although it may be over-rated its still better than the ACC or Big 10.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Carls Jr.

So i go to Carl's Jr. Today and I had the following conversation with the attendant:

"Hi welcome to Carl's Jr. how can i help you?" - Him
"I'm Fine, Can i get a number 4 please?" - Me
"Would you like a combo with that?" -Him
"Umm... yes a number 4?" - Me
"Yes sir, would you like a combo with that?" - Him
"Yes i would like my number four to be a combo meal" -Me
"Ok one number 4, do you want a drink and fries?" -Him
"Ok just give me a double bacon western cheeseburger, a small drink, and a small fry please." -Me
"Ok" - Him

The comedian Lewis Black once described why people have annorisms. You hear something incomprehensible and your brain subconsciously wrestles it with it for years before it gives up and you die. Thanks a lot Carl's Jr. Man.

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Harmful or offensive conduct

In law school, and especially in this class, the teacher gives hypotheticals and invites us to argue based upon a set of rules. Ussually the arguments are quite stressful because the teacher calls on students without warning. Today however, the conversation took a pleasently entertaining turn.

We were discussing civil battery today and one of the the requirements for civil battery is "harmful or offensive contact." This is an actual piece of the conversation we had today.

"Mr. Smith let's someone was walking down university avenue and is hit by a car and breaks his arm. A student with paramedic training runs over and without explaining a word sets the arm . Would this be battery?" -Professor Nunez

"...I don't think a reasonable jury would find that setting an arm would be considered harmful or offensive." -Student

"But doesn't the injured have a right to go to a hospital and recieve painkillers before his arm was set? Was not the paramedics conduct harmful?" -Professor

"I still argue that under the circumstances the paramedic was justified"- Student

"Does anyone disagree with Mr. Smith?" - Professor

"...Just because you have medical training does not give you the right to exercise your skills without recourse. If a proctologist ran over and gave me unrequested medical assistance i would find it very 'offensive.'" -Student 2

To make the conversation even funnier about an hour later a classmate trying to understand the class material asked me what a proctologist was.

Monday, September 1, 2008

I love reading the insane comments left by BYU and Utah fans on ESPN articles. Although I'm a Cougar fan this conversation just made me laugh.

"Harline is still open and dont forget 4 and 18. I cant wait until November 22nd when the Undefeated BYU beats the Undefeated Utah in Salt Lake." -Cougarboy45

"And Harline is still unemployed"- Utefan00045

"Harline isn't unemployed! He's got a great job selling cell phones at the mall along with Luke Staley. After he soon gets cut by the Dolphins they might also be able to hook John Beck up with a position but they're worried about his resume. Crying after losses doesn't fare well in the cell phone industry. " -Twimmer5

I also found this amusing. It comes from article by Graham Watson, which describes the rivalry between BYU and UTah

(in 1990) a "Cougar fan jumped out of the stands and attacked a Utah male cheerleader who was running around the field with a Utah flag after a Utah touchdown. The cheerleader proceeded to beat the fan until police separated the two."

I really do love sports