Sunday, June 7, 2009


So one of the partners in my law firm is incredibly interesting. Let me recount some of the things he said or did just on friday.

He comes up stairs to where his secretary works (which is right by my desk), his secretary wasn't there and so he yells "Crap on rollerskates!" and storms away.

He tells me about how he was once suspected to be the largest cocaine dealer in Utah.

He tells me about a case where he won a bunch of land that the church wanted in a law suit. he had to wear a bullet proof vest to court because the mormons were so violent. He then calls up Gordon B. Hinckley and agrees to give up the land for a picture with him and Gordon B. Hinckley and a caption which reads "The church of Jesus Christ graciously accepts this land from Mike." The church unfortunately declined.

He tells me that a couple of days before he turned in his mission papers (back when he was mormon) he told Gordon B. Hinckley to "Go to Hell"

He sees this goergous woman but is too busy to talk to her so he jots down her license plate. Then in a joking manner he tells another partner in the firm to start the paper work for a restraining order. He wanted the paper work to include a picture of the woman and a caption "can you really blame me?"

He tells me that Golf is the most important class to take in law school.

I see him at the golf course with some other woman 25 years younger than him, and he is wearing the type of sunscreen that is all white. I didn't even recognize him till he called my name. (this was actually on Saturday)


Ryan and Missy- said...

Wow - what a character. You could write a movie about that guy.

Ariel said...

sounds like one heck of a guy. hope you are having fun down there!