Friday, May 29, 2009

Top meals under a dollar

1. The Spicy Chicken Sandwich - Carls Jr - Carl's jr doesn't have a dollar menu. All of their sandwiches are huge. Including this one. It may not be the best tasting one on the list but its definetly the best value. *BYU ticket stubbs often have coupons that will give you free fries and a drink with a sandwich. This sandwich counts!

2. 2 tacos - Jack in the Box - This was the staple of my diet in Highschool. For $3 you could have 6 tacos and be completely full. They are so greasy and nasty looking but so good.

3. Grilled chicken burrito - Taco Bell - This might just be a special and not a regular item. But the taco bell near my work is selling these great full sized chicken burritos for 99 cents.

4. Rodeo Burger - Burger King - Sadly my Burger King in St George doesn't sell these. They are basically mini western cheeseburgers only without bacon.

5. Chicken soft taco - Dell Taco - the smallest but the best tasting thing on this list. The white sauce is great.

6. Cheezy double beef burrito - Taco Bell - the opposite of the chicken soft taco. Not much taste but a ton of beef for less than a dollar.

7. Jr. Bacon Cheeseburger - Wendy's - This would be a lot higher up if it hadn't have strunk dramatically in the last 5 years. I get mad everytime i buy one.

8. Breakfast Jack - Jack in the Box - only place you can get a breakfast sandwich any time of the day for less than a dollar.

9. Jumbo Jack - Jack in the Box - If you are going to get just a plain ole burger for 99 cents it might as well be this one.

10 Chicken Nuggets- everywhere - most places have a 4 or 6 piece chicken nugget option. They all taste the same to me...delicious.


The Blogsmith said...

Funny that you are a law student going to a cheaper law school coming from Orange County and just a few years from making some pretty damn good money, and you are still scrounging around for $1 sandwiches. FAIL.

I got one item to replace your list of puny, pathetic dollar items: The Double Western Bacon Cheeseburger, the Gold Standard of burgers. The one burger that you can always safely go back to and always be satisfied. Only at...... I think you know.

Brandon and Bethany said...

My fish is awesome! And there's no way 2400 people have looked at you blog!

Booya Grandma said...

not 2400 people, 2400 hits. Be assured that you and 4 other people make up half of the hits.