Friday, January 2, 2009

Random Thoughts

On the way back to Utah, i borrowed a friends car. Well foolishly I forgot to bring my own cd's, and the only cd in the car was n-sync. During a particularly long stretch of silence, I tried to listen to the boy band I made it about 1 1/2 songs before i felt my soul start to die and i turned it off. Anyway, the point is i had a lot of time to think and some really random thoughts jumped into my head:

Who ever created the first insurance company is an evil genius.
The marketing department of Apple is also headed by an evil genius
Al Davis just looks evil and is clearly not a genius
"Caution - Flooding ahead" is probably the scariest road sign I have ever seen.
"Caution - Falling rocks" should be scary but its not
The street sign of the family running across the freeway near mexico is hillarious
I want to personally thank the man who created the carpool lane
It was 75 degrees on december 29th... living Southern California is worth every penny
It may be sick, but i love to see the dissapointment on the faces of SEC and Big 10 fans when they lose a football game they thought they should have won. I Absolutely love it!
At what point will i stop listening to Weezer's blue album?
After 30 years, Metallica has finally lost its prestiege
Bill Simmons has replaced Tony Kernheiser as my favorite ESPN personality, its not even close
Kurt Warner has replaced Wes Welker as my favorite offensive football player
Ray Lewis is till my favorite defensive player

I wrote this blog while watching the Utah v Alabama game and had the following thoughts

Utah's football cheerleaders need to win some sort of award for being gorgeous
Last years UCLA cheerleaders were even prettier
Why does the ACC get an automatic bid? they are 2-8 in BCS games
This Utah team is better than the 2004 team
I hate Alex Smith
I hate the snow!

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