Friday, January 2, 2009

Bringing a whole new meaning to "Rasing the Bar"

Ariel Wood - Working on her papers

Courtney Ball - Called to serve in Madrid Spain

Angela Howell - Called to serve in Paris France

Rachel Schwarts - Called to serve in Riverside, California

When I left on my mission my friend and guessed that two of our prettiest friends would be married by the time we got home. To our surprise both of them served missions. Since then I have been surprised time and time again when the most beautiful girls I know decide to shun the dating world and turn in their papers. When my friend told me today that she is turning in her papers I had to document this phenomenon. I have included pictures of just the last 4 girls who have decided to turn in their papers. Here they are in order of when they recieved their call. For any single male readers who think they can persuade a girl out of a mission, only Rachel has left.

On a more serious note, sister missionaries rock! The best missionaries i knew were sisters, they are simply more mature and approachable. If any of the 4 of you happen to read this, I am sure you will do amazing.


Ariel said...

CRAP! You couldn't have picked a better picture?!! Oh well...I'm going on a mission anyway so I guess I shouldn't care.

Booya Grandma said...

Girls with guns = Sexy