Saturday, October 25, 2008

10 free things to do in provo

I wrote this big note on facebook and dont want to deal with transfering it over her. Its a nice note and there is a good chance if you lived in Provo i have a picture of you.

Friday, October 24, 2008

My favorite hikes (so far)

I absolutely love the outdoors. Some of my favorite memories are hiking with friends and family. Whether it be snowshoeing up the provo canyon or exploring far off places, i just love to hike. Here are my top 5 favorite hikes I have had the opportunity to visit.
The Narrows

The narrows is the probably the easiest of these hikes to get to. Its just out in the middle of Zions near St. George. It is absolutely breathtaking, however if i were to do it again i would definetely do it in 2 days instead of 1. By the end we were way too exhausted to really appreciate how wonderful it was.


Havasupai is a great beginners hike with excelent rewards. It is only about 8 miles in and 8 miles out. Havasupai is one of the most beautiful places i have ever been, i could spend forever just playing in the many waterfalls and mineral pools.

John Muir Trail

Too be candid I haven't done the entire trail. But i did do about 55 miles of it. I loved it, it is so beautiful and I have never felt a greater sense of accomplishment than finishing the hike. Im sure i would enjoy it even more now than i did when i was 15.

Machu Pichu

You dont have to hike when you go to Machu Pichu but if you don't your really missing out. It only takes about an hour to get to the top of that peak you see in the picture. It is kind of a scary little jaunt because the steps are just holes in the stone which are almost always wet. But the view is amazing.

Torres De Paine

Torres de Paine in Southern Chile is hands down the coolest place i have ever been to. My parents and I spent 3 days just hinking its terrain and enjoying the scenery. Besides the towers which i have shown, the glaciers are the coolest things. I have never seen any thing so electric blue in my life. I would highly recomend that any outdoor enthusiast visit Torres de Paine at some point in thier lives.


Warning. If you do not have any inner geek with in you, the nerdinest of these comics will be way too much for you. Otherwise, enjoy embracing your inner geek.


I love Bansky's work. For those of you who have never heard of him he is a grafiti artist.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Bill Simmons Mail Bag

I love the mail bag, the most random questions that can be imagined are asked. Here are some of my favorites from this week.

Shouldn't Elizabeth Perkins have faced statutory rape charges in "Big"?
Absolutely. The rules are explicit here -- if you have consensual sexual relations with anyone not legally old enough to consent to such behavior, it's statutory rape regardless of whether they turned themselves into an adult by making a wish to a Zoltar machine

SG: Here's my contribution to the poor Sonics fans: You know the team Kevin Durant plays for right now? I'm never mentioning their "new" name in this column. Ever. For as long as I have it. I'm alternating between these four names …
1. Kevin Durant's Team.2. The Seattle SloppySeconds3. The Bennett City Hijackers4. The Team That Shall Not Be Named

If the Dodgers open the World Series at Boston, what's the over/under on where Manny's first homer lands?
SG: I think it's going to be one of those line drives that's still going up as it ricochets off some drunk guy's head in the second row of the Monster seats

Doesn't Ray Lewis have to lead the league in my new stat: "Last Man to Dive in on an Already Made Tackle?" As the play is dying, he comes flying in, diving, rolling, jumping up, slapping the helmet, shouting, doing that crazy electric-boogaloo dance that makes my eyes bleed out before my head explodes. Having added nothing to the play other than his half-seizure, he's all of a sudden the center of attention for these nitwit announcers
SG: I demand that "Last Man to Dive in on an Already Made Tackle" become an official Football Outsiders stat starting this week. The real shame is we'll never know who had more career LMDAMTs -- Lewis or Junior Seau, who had 650 of them last season alone. It's kind of like how we'll never know who has the sack record. We just have to wonder.

Q: Did you know that if you Google "gay guy with beard" under Google images, your photo comes up at the beginning of the fourth page? Just thought you'd like to know. P.S. You may be asking yourself why one would search for this. Rest assured, it involved trash talk on my fantasy football homepage.-- Kevin, Pittsburgh
SG: That has become the go-to the excuse for all aberrant online behavior these days: "Rest assured, it involved trash talk on my fantasy football homepage."

How would you describe Bob Costas' role on "Sunday Night Football" right now?-- Lucas, Shaker Heights
SG:Confused? Undefined? He's like an emcee -- it's like when Jerry Lewis kind of wanders in and out of his own telethon and you might not see him again for five hours. Costas doesn't moderate any of the three-man discussions because Collinsworth always does it. He doesn't narrate any of the highlights because Olbermann and Patrick do it. Well, if you're not moderating, and you're not narrating highlights, and you're not offering football analysis, what the hell is left? He's like a maitre'd at a nice restaurant: "Welcome to Sunday Night Football, I'm Bob Costas, lemme show you to your table … Keith Olbermann and Cris Collinsworth will be right with you."

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

The Polic Beat

For those of you who are not familiar with BYU we have a daily newspaper called The Daily Universe which is run by the students here. About once a week they publish what is called "The Police Beat." The Beat is simply amazing I thought i would share a few of the incidents that happend this week.

"Sept 30: Female students in Helaman Halls complained about a man in a gorilla suit attempting to scare students near the Cannon Center. When police arived, there was no sign of either the complainants or the gorilla. The gorilla has not yet been identified."

"Sept 30: A goup of three student lacrosse players and two runners got into a fight at the track near Helaman Halls when one of the locrosse players told the runers to put on a shirt."

"Oct 3: A resident in Wymount Terrace reported a suspicious male looking around the quad. When police arived, the man explained he was staying with his brother. He had gone jogging and forgot where his brother lived when he returned."

"Oct 5: Five individuals were seen with headbands and backpacks after midnight. When police arrived, the individuals said thery were there to climb the side of the building. The police sent the would be climbes on their way.'

"Oct 4: Police responded to a call about people climbing the statue of Karl G. Maeser. Police told the climbers to leave."

I also found this awesome website this morning from Digg: