Thursday, February 11, 2010


About 3 weeks ago we come home and there is a little gold fish in a tiny fishbowl on our door step. Accompanying the fish was a note. The note explained that the fishes mother had fallen upon hard times and could not longer take care of her precious Charlotte and that she was leaving her in our protection. A couple of days later we come home and there is another fish with another note explaining that the mother is so proud of how we have taken care of her daughter that she is also leaving her son Clyde. A few days later two more fish arrive with a note that says "OOPS TWINS." A while passes and for the most part we have been able to take care of the fish, we lost one of the twins but 3/4 isn't bad. About 2 days ago we get a larger bowl with 7 more fish in it. Each fish of course has a name that starts with a C. I have little hope keeping the 7 fish alive in such a small bowl and some of them will surely die.

I haven't really gotten attached to any of the fish, but Charlotte is my favorite. She is trooper, she was able to live on raisin bran flakes and orange peels until i finally caved and went and bought her some food. She is a heifer, every day when i come home surfaces in anticipation of food, and then devours everything I give her.

We have no clue who is doing this. Or why. But I find it entertaining and thought I would share it with all of you.

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