Saturday, September 26, 2009

Because Allison is bored

Pixar v. Dreamworks

My favorite Artist is back at work

True to life Pie chart


Greatest Halloween costume ever

Oh yeah, this is a good idea

Real American Hero


Wendy said...

ADAM TATER-TOT...wwwhhatz up dude?!?! Derek just found your blog so now we have to be friends again, okay. I'm happy to hear that life is going well in Provo. I hate to say it, but I actually kind of, sometimes, on occasion miss P-town. I'm sure that warm fuzzy feeling will go away once the snow starts to fly there and I'm sitting in 70 degree weather out here in Texas. Sorry buddy! Anyways, I hope school goes well. Keep in touch through the blog-o-sphere!!!

oh, yeah... I need help with a secret mission!

Secret Mission: convince Jenny to start a blog for cryin' out loud!!! I want more pictures of her b-a-b-y!

Brandon and Bethany said...

boo! You haven't updated your blog in 900 years, and it makes me bored.