Saturday, May 16, 2009

I am a dog replacement

Well typically I dont enjoy writing about my life.   However, i am getting pestered by people wanting to know whats going on with my life.  So to silence some of the mob I will give you a quick update.

I am a dog replacement.

I am living in my grandparents basement in St. George Utah.  Its really nice and I am really enjoying myself.  I say I am a dog replacement because my grandparents dog and best friend died about 2 days after my arival.  With my grandpa not remembering things well and my grandma being for frustrated with it than he is, it wouldn't be too far of a stretch to say that they spent more time with the dog than with each other.  Grandpa would take it for a walk everymoring to help deliver newspapers and then the dog would tag beside grandma for the rest of the day.  Understandably, my already lonely grandparents are struggling with out the dog.  It is a good thing that I am here.  Although i did feel wierd when my gradma made me where the flashlight that attaches to the dog's collar when i went for my midnight bike ride.

It seems that when you are old not much changes in your life.  My grandma was telling me this morning that she has nothing left to accomplish and in not so many words said she is just waiting for her and grandpa to die.  Anyway, since they don't do much Grandma loves to tell stories and play the "remember when" game.  Well with grandpa not able to remember anything anymore she doesn't get to play all that often.  Now it seems every day when i come home I get a 45 minute story about her grandparents, the great depression, or stories about my parents.  It is funny how she is brutally honest and says incriminating things about my parents and my aunts and uncles as if the family secrets were common knowledge.

I am a wanna-be lawyer

My work is good.  I work for a small firm of 7 attorneys and 5 secretaries (and me).  For the most part I am the gopher and spend most of my time doing research and answering questions for the attorneys.  For instance on Wednesday one of the partners came up to me and asked "One of our client's home used to a methlab, but he restored it.  He is trying to sell it does he have to disclose anything?"  So I go do some research and prepare a small memo stating what the law is on methlab decontamination.  

Yesterday I got to do the most exciting thing i have done so far.  I prepared something that was actually submitted to court and the attorneys are going to argue about it in Court.  This probably doesn't seem to exciting to anyone else, but it was neat to know that my work product will actually affect someone's life for the better or the worse.  

I am out of shape

Last night I went for a long bike ride.  I duct taped a flashlight to my grandpa's bike and just took off.  I headed towards some bluffs out in the distance and once I passed them I kept on going until i ran out of road.  I really enjoyed the midnight bike ride its nice and cool but not cold and it gives me time to think about things not law related.  Last night I created a health program for myself (and anyone who wants to do it with me) where the goal is trying to get rid of bad habits (drinking soda, eating fastfood, eating junkfood) and replace them with good habits (drinking water, eating a good breakfast, eating fruits and vegatables)  Every day i get a crap-food score and a good food score, I also keep track of how often I exercise.  Its not a very intense program but I am morally opposed to diets so I am trying to change myself permamently.  I was 193 during finals but have dropped down to 187 now that i can actually exercise again, the goal is to reach down to 175 and then get back to 185 but in a different form.  We will see how it all goes.

I a little lost

I am used to having lots of good friends around.  While most of my friends left last summer I still had enough friends around to stay somewhat social.  Plus i had roommates to banter with.  Well i havent had the opportunity to go to my new ward and so the only people i have met are my co-workers.  I like them but they are all older and have 3+ kids so i dont see my self hanging out with them anytime soon.  I like my grandparents but again playing card games and talking is about as much as I am going to do with them.  Which by the way my grandpa with a mild form of altismers destroyed me, my uncle, and my grandma in both card games we played last night.  It wasn't even close it was embarrasing.  

Im sure i will meet some people at my ward tomorrow and I will probably get so absorbed in my work that if I dont i wont care.  But this week has been interesting.  For the first time since i was in elementary school I have been going to the library for fun.  I listened to Ender's Game on the car ride up here and have started reading the sequel.  I also come to the library because it has highspeed internet (my grandparents have dial up) although they have facebook blocked.  I plan on doing some hiking and exploring, but its hot and its kind of lame to do it by yourself.  Still there are some hikes I really want to do.

I am sorry i wrote this much

Wow this blog entry was probably way more than anyone wanted to know.  But if you actually made it this far (which im expecting 1 of you will) you get a glimpse into what is going on my life.  If you have questions give me a call or post a comment.


Ariel said...

Nice update. Sounds like you have an interesting life down there in St. George. I'm jealous!

Van Dusenators said...

I just finished the 2nd sesquel to Ender's game and I'm listening to the 3rd.

I need to do that program too. I eat a lot of junk (which is why my weight is in the 200's). I'll do it with you

Courtney N said...

Thanks for the update. If you need someone to go hiking with you down in St George I am the one to call. : ) Just not the narrows... I can't do that again for a while.