Wednesday, April 8, 2009

I'm lame and I know it.

Nice hook huh?  Im actually just apoligizing for neglecting my blog.  Law school is kicking my trash.  I have thought about somethings to write about when if i ever have time again.

I have been wanting to write an entry about the humorous cases i have read this year.  This last couple of weeks my contracts class has provided me with two cases that are just golden.

The Hooters case:  The restraraunt chain hooters (which has surprisingly good hot wings by the way.  Not that im a regular or anything) had a nationwide competition amongst the waitresses.  The girl who could sell the most beer in the month would get a brand new Toyota.  Come months end they blindfold the winner and escorted her to the parkinglot where they gave her a brand new star wars figurine - a toy yoda.  She sued to get a car.

The hand case:  A man got seriously burned on the palm of his hand.  The doctor reassured him that they could easily graft some of his extra skin from his chest on to his palm.  The surgery was a success.  That is until a couple of days latter his palm started growing chest hair.  He sued for his money back.

I also read a case while working on my big paper on defamation that was entertaining.  Two sons published an article about their dad refering to him as a "pimp."  The father not liking the reference sued for defamation.  The court decided as a matter of law that he was in fact a pimp.

I also have been wanting to write about all the things that have happened in sports but i still dont have time so here is the recap:
My bracket sucked
The broncos actually came out ahead even though they acted incredibly stupidly
Im glad hansbrough got his championship but would have rather have seen the city of detriot have something good happen to it
The par three competition of the masters is more enjoyable to watch than the masters itself.  What could beet seeing palmer and other greats shoot 2-5 under?
Bynum is back baby!
If the lakers are still a game behind cleveland when we play the jazz we should throw the game to make sure we play dallas the first round
The 49ers (gods team)  draft wishlist should be smith, monroe, crabtree, raji, in that order.  If they draft sanchez im going to be mad.
I really can't get excited about baseball but go angels.  And i also like Manny on the dodgers
The bigging of the benfolds 5 song "Effington" starts with "if there is a god he is laughing at us and our football team" this is how i feel about max hall.

To any undergrads who read this, take advantage of awesome internships.  Lots of really cool companies have awesome internships that you can apply to no matter what the major.  Go work for espn for a summer.

Well thats all for now.  I actually just intended to write im sorry, but got carried away.  Finals end on the 23rd, but then i have a week long tryout for law review.  I will try to write something on a sunday though since i dont study on the sabbath.  Good bye for now.

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