Wednesday, January 28, 2009

The Evolution of the Superbowl Party

For the last couple of years the superbowl party has gotten better each and every year.  This is largely due to an increased organization and the ability to learn for the years past.  Last year we executed our party to near perfection.  Anyway I thought it would be amusing to chronicle the last few years.

2006 - Although we had previously had superbowl parties this was really the birth of the superbowl committee.  We really didn't know what we were doing, and we invited everyone who wanted to come to join the committee process.  The result, as you might imagine, was 12-13 guys crammed into a living room arguing for 2 hours over what tastes better: shrimp or bagel bites.  We were loud, unproductive, and argumentative, but it was the begining of something  wonderful.  Probably the best part of the commitee was when some girls came up to visit; they had been assigned to teach people the 7 pitfalls of dating.  It was classic these 2 girls teaching 13 very roudy guys about why relationships don't work.  The last part of their lessons was about when one of the persons has underlying emotional or mental problems.  It was a riot to hear our running commentary.  To make it even better I had had a fling with one of the girls teaching the lesson, she had just gotten engaged and had violated at least 4 of the rules she was teaching us.  Classic. (It would appear that the pitfalls aren't really affecting her marraige she has a kid now)

Superbowl MVP: Seth - the candy he brought was great.  We had too much greasy food and it was nice to be able to munch on something.
Superbowl Bust: Me - my chicken wings didn't get cooked well enough.

2007 - This year the committee went much smoother.  We ran into the problem of having way too much frozen stuff and not enough ovens to cook it all.  Also, our popularity at Roman Gardens was causing problems.  We had too many people who wanted to attend the day of the superbowl.  But rules are rules and if they didn't pay their dues they were not getting in.  At one point this poor girl knocked on the door.  Someone yelled "who is it?" to which I callously responded "Who cares! Everbody important is already here!"  Then we laughed and laughed and laughed.  I have often thought of how this would play out at a family reunion if my uncle knocked on the door and we laughed at him until he left.  

MVP -Mark - For the idea of bringing icecream
Superbowl Bust - Skyler  - for birnging 4 bags of sour cream and onion chips: we only ate half a bag of that nasty stuff.  

2008 - We got it right.  We hit a stroke of genious and started bringing fruit and vegatables to counter balance all the crap we were eating.  Dyson pulled through and brought a ton of pizza from little ceasers.  But by far the best thing to eat, chicken wraped in bacon.  Yep it was pretty much perfect, although the commitee was starting to get out of control with ideas like having a gift exchange and arguing about if the Superbowl is better than Christmas (its not!)
MVP - Drew - for the homemade food.
Bust - Dyson - for yelling an increadibly loud and awkward comment.  Looking back it was awesome but at the time it just made people uneasy.

2009 - This year I think we got the committee process down.  Just four of us got together and made executive decisions and then distributed assignments to the rest.  This year will be different than in years past due to the presence of women.  Usually it's just Courtney and Deanna who are brave enough to handle the roudy guys.  But one of my new years resolutions was to start bringing a date or a good friend of the feminine sex anytime I attend an activity with several couples (im tired of being the odd man out) and so I told the group im bringing a friend.  To which Dyson replied that he was too, Kyle had already invited some girls, Matt and Mark have better halves, and courtney always comes.  Only afterword did i realize the problem of bringing a nice girl to experience such gluttony and debachery.  Luckily I found a pretty girl who is awesome enough to handle it (I know your reading this).  I am looking forward to Sunday!

Here is the menu for Sunday.
Pep + sausage pizza
Hawaiin pizza
Pepperoni pizza
Supreme pizza
Buffalo Wings
3 bags of tortilla chips 
4 bags of flavored chips
7 Layer bean dip
Chili Cheese Dip
Veggie tray
Fruit tray
Costco wraps
Mtn Dew, 
Root beer,
Dr. Pepper
Diet Coke, 
Banana Bread
Lil Smokies
Onion Rings


Courtney N said...

So everyones bringing dates huh? Does that mean I'm gonna be the "odd man out"? Oh well, it'll still be a good game. Probably not as good as last year... : /

Should I bring my own chair? It sounds like there are a bazillion people coming.


Ariel said...

ha ha. I'm grateful that I'm the "good friend of the feminine sex" that got invited. Sunday is going to be awesome! Believe it or not this is going to be the first time I have EVER watched the super bowl!